I have been interested in motorization since childhood. I got my first car from my parents in 1982. I was four then. It was a beautiful cabriolet - Moskwicz. Unfortunately the engine were my legs, they had to work hard to move forward. In spite of all most probably then I got into motorization. At the age of 17 I got the driving license with my parents consent (that was the law). I bought the second car before receiving the driving license. Unluckily my funds allowed me only to buy "beautiful" FIAT 126p. Generally technical status was pitiful, exterior was bad and the engine was in bad condition : ( So the start was not very propitious... We can even say sorrowful, but I was uncommonly happy... Every day I was going to the garage to do something in a matter of fact only to root, because most of the works did my father - Andrzej... He knew puttputts very well because he has got some... We made everything in it ... and when it was finished ... I sold it... because I fell for puttputt in cabriolet version...

126p Cabrio

126p Cabrio 126p Cabrio 126p Cabrio 126p Cabrio

My dream came true while I was going through streets of D±browa Górnicza... I was riding with my father and next to the street was standing a puttputt cabrio. I stopped to see it. After I watched it I started to ask people if they know who is the onwer of it. We talked for a while and of course I asked if he want to get rid of it. I told him that I would like to take care of it. Next day cabriolet was in my garage :) It was a wonderful day! I couldn't wait till summer!

Puttputt cabrio was really great! Driving it gave me a lot of joy :) The fun was great! Many people accosted me on the road and asked about the details of this Fiat. This cabriolet was produced in Evolutive - Research Center in Bielsko-Biała. There were production models produced in Poland, however they were mainly sold for export. In the course of years I started to think about something new. I was thinking about few vehicles. The choice wasn't easy but I decided that I want Volkswagen Corrado!

Volkswagen Corrado

Corrado Corrado Corrado Corrado

Searching proceed relatively quickly. I have visited firms importing cars from the West and I placed an order. After some time the importer rang to me and said me to come and see what he got for me. He showed me a video tape on which I saw a beautiful, navy blue VW Corrado. The car was young (1994),also the milage was small (70 000 kilometres) and it was being sold by the first owner. It appealed to me at sight. My father went for it to Holland. He wanted to check if everything is like on the tape and if the technical status is ok. He came back with Corras already, what meant that everything is all right.

I was so happy that I don't know how to write it! The car behaved really excellently. I didn't have any problems with it. I only changed elements which were used up. In the meantime I was looking for iformation about this model of VW. I reached a web page of Corrado Club Poland. And there everything starts. I have filled in to the club, every day I visited internet forum, where I got to know many valuable technical information, curiosities or advices. If I had a problem I always asked and never my question was left without answer. I really ran into a group of "maniacs" and quickly I became one of them. I started going on cyclical rallies all over the country, among other things : Okuninka, Kielce, Zakopane, ŁódĽ, Bydgoscz or Pcim.

Unluckily after some time I wanted to have "superior power". Hitherto Corras was a bit soft in the power, because it was equipped in 2.0 8v engine that gave as a result 115 mechanic horses. I wasn't able to change the model, so the only equitable choice was Corrado with VR6 motive unit. Hunting for it started. At the beginning I called to my friend who has had VR6 for a year in Poland and he said that he will not ever sell it ( earlier he had 3xG60) I rang and asked if he want to sell it. Of course he said that it hasn't been for sale. I attacked further - I offered him high price as a fullfilment of moral damages. Of course he added something from him to the price to turn me off. He didn't succed. The mood of possessing this model has been so big that next day I was in his house with money. The car came to my garage.

Volkswagen Corrado - this time VR6

Corrado VR6 Corrado VR6 Corrado VR6 Corrado VR6

Changing a two liter Corras into an almost three liter one was amazing. Corras VR6 is relatively fast and very dynamic. Driving it gives me a lot of fun and pleasure. I decided not to change a lot in it. He receives only new screw respite H&R and rims BORBET BS 16x9" .

With clear conscience I can reccomend Corrado with VR6 engine. In my opinion it is the best "heart" that were produced in this model of Volkswagen. Culture of work is very high and the sound of this engine is like poetry for me. By the way I fell in love for that sound on my first rally in Okuninka - when YOSHI was driving behind me during the parade and purred prettily! As a conclusion VW Corrado VR6 is a wonderful car and if you will ever have a chance to buy it - just buy!

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