Jakub Dyczko

I want to writing something, what would not remind CV:) but would give some general information about my person.

Who am I ?

I was born on the 26th of January 1978 in Oświęcim, where I also spent most time of my life. I finished polytechnic school there (specialized in electronics ) and afterwards, in 1999, I moved to Krakow to study on the Cracow University of Technology (master degree in Computer Engineering).

How is my life style ?

I try to live at high speed, meet new people, make good friends everywhere, visit new places, and know new ideas. I spend a lot of my time together with my girlfriend Agnieszka.

How do I spend my free time ?

I travel a lot, sometimes take part in the student's night life in Cracow, where I have still plenty of friends. To balance my sitting work position... I often hit tennis ball or go to my own fitness place. In my leisure time I listen to the music, read books and magazines and meet my friends. Besides I love going to the cinema.

Do I have a second family ?

I have also my second big family - It is Corrado Club Poland. Maybe you wonder that I call it family- these are only strangers from the whole country. However I made some great friends there and I know, that I can always rely on them- as well as I on all my family members. More about it in hobby part.

Programista ABAP



Wdrożenia SAP

Corrado VR6